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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Imagine Con is on hold until further notice.  Stay tuned for any upcoming announcements.

Imagine Con is a SC nonprofit corporation founded to promote education around science fiction and fantasy as portrayed in the media arts. The primary means to achieve this goal is a family-friendly, multi-fandom convention in Spartanburg, SC.

Imagine Con will not only be the first large-scale convention of this type in Spartanburg, but will have many other features that set it apart from other cons. Being a nonprofit and chartered for educational purposes, Imagine Con will try to bring in guests that educate as well as entertain.  In addition to standard discussion panels, we want to have panels geared toward hands-on experiences that let you learn valuable skills.  Of course, all the standard convention elements will be there- vendors, costumes, great guests, and an awesome atmosphere.

Imagine Con is being built from the ground up to take the best of other cons while avoiding their pitfalls.  If you have been to other cons and enjoyed them but wished some things were handled better, or if this is your first con and you want a great experience, Imagine Con is for you!

Imagine ConImagine Con

If we had been able to raise our funding, the convention would have been this weekend... I truly believe it would have been awesome. Looking forward to seeing what other conventions bring to the Upstate in the coming months. ... See MoreSee Less

1 year ago

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Imagine ConImagine Con

After much soul searching, the decision has been made NOT to move forward with Imagine Con. Besides the failed KickStarter, a lot of factors played into the decision, both personal and environmental. We are incredibly thankful for all the help and support we received from many of Directors of local cons, businesses, volunteers, and most of all, the fans and cosplayers. It is very sad to see dreams and hard work fall short, and I know there are some who felt we over-reached... We were definitely inexperienced in dealing with the obstacles we faced, but also certainly guilty of being ahead of our time and overly optimistic. I think the attendance numbers of local cons this year and the arrival of Wizard World to Greenville will show this IS a viable market that can support the type of con we wanted to produce. If nothing else, I know that we brought some good ideas to light and have seen other cons address some issues we felt needed addressing for the betterment of the attendee experience. We will be closing out the website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts over the next few weeks. We are distributing the only assets we have, the funds we personally put in to help us get started, to the charities we sought to help and another SC-based nonprofit con. We are proud to support the local convention scene and encourage you all to do the same, and we are hopeful that one day Spartanburg will be able to support a large-scale convention. Please like and share this status to help spread the word. If you have any comments on the local convention scene you would like to share, feel free and we will pass them along to the Directors of the other cons. ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

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